Never before...never again...she was....America's Sweetheart, Dominique Moceanu. It wasn't about if she won or how many medals she had to her name, as much as it was about the joy of seeing her perform. She had a special light in her eyes and a beauty in her smile that captivated people of all ages around the world as she commanded an audience even in the normal routine of her life.

There will never be another to take her place and I believe she will always be remembered for her uniqueness that she brought to the gymnastics world stage. She moved without effort, danced with a sparkle, and brought joy with her smile. The winners of the competitions where Dominique performed will not be remembered, but the people will remember that "Moceanu" girl.... America's Sweetheart!

I hope that every young girl and boy that sees the light in her eyes, the beauty in her smile, the joy of her heart will know and learn that with hard work, determination, and faith in their hearts... that they too can achieve anything they desire and bring joy and hope to others as Dominique does to so many people.

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