Name Format Length Size
2000 Fox and Friends Real 4:20 6.28MB
2000 Nationals Floor Exercise AVI 0:55 6.84MB
Dominique 1999 Windows Media 0:18 1.70MB
'98 Rock 'n' Roll Gymnastics Real 3:18 2.62MB
Good Will Floor Excerise (1998) Quicktime 1:37 6.16MB
Dominique on her autobiography (1997) AVI 0:13 568KB
'97 Rock 'n' Roll Gymnastics AVI 2:17 3.47MB
Domi Sings and Talks wav 0.22 245KB
Dominique Sings w/ Sister wav 0:16 175KB
Talking About Her Come Back wav 0:27 297KB
Dominique Talks About Medal wav 0:06 70KB
The Vault in Georgia (1996) wav 0:23 250KB
Olympics 1996 Theme wav 0:50 203KB
YMCA midi 2:50 21KB
'95 Rock 'n' Roll Gymnastics AVI 1:55 5.29MB
Made In America AVI 6:25 7.69MB

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