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I wanted to write and let you know why this Moceanu page is different from anyone you've seen yet and why I wanted to do it. I am not putting this page out on the web to say to everyone that I am a fan.  I almost decided not to do this site of, because of all the pages that are already out there.  But as I was surfing though those pages all I found was people that wanted to rip off her clothes or marry her when they have never even meet her.

This is why am writting this letter to you.  To shed a different light on Nique.  I am to some degree a fan, but more of gymnastics and she is my favorite athlete in the sport. The '96 Summer Olympics was the first time I found out about her.  Naturally when I first saw her, she was stunning.  Even though I enjoyed watching her, I was not ready to marry her or anything of the nature.  But there was something in her eyes that left her in my mind the next day.  Something that made me want to know her more for who she was and not for what she did.

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Although I did want to find out more about her, and see if she was as beautiful  a person as she was an gymnast. So I read the two books about her, thinking in the back of my mind that what I had seen was only a pretty cover.  Needless to say, I found that she was not only incredibly mature for her age but also thought a lot like I did. Then right before I shut the book, after reading it in one sitting,  I saw that she liked the colores Black and White. 

Now you are probably saying "so what".  But the fact is that I had my whole room in black and white just a couple of years before. I  have found many people who thought I was weird or couldn't understand why i would want that, but I like being different. That was what finally had me puzzled. She was beautiful, talented, mature, she thought a lot like me, not only did she like the same music but also the same people, and then one of her favorite colors was black and white!

For over two years now every time I see her I don't lust after her or consider myself a fan,  but there is still something there.   Something in her eyes. That is why I am doing this page. Because I'll always wonder what it would have been like to have known her personally. I think she could be a  friend thaat I consedered priceless. 

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I only pray and hope she has someone right now to validate her, to understand her actions, and to encourage her to do what she feels is right. (Latest News)

If she never preformes gymnastics again and never has a relationship with her family again I will still wonder from time to time how she is and what great goal is she acomplishing in her life.  She is not beautiful for the way she looks,  or how she performes.  Her self worth is what makes her an angle and is what she will always carry with her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and links to a person who has become known as "America's Sweetheart"!  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Remember, if you have a Moceanu Site then see if you can win our award! Submit URL
Best Regard,

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