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I have been trying to think of a way I could help her out.  When I heard about it on eBay.com I thought that jasonworld.com should really smile_99.gif (21532 bytes)help out.  So we have added a banner to the Dominique Moceanu Banner Exchange and we wanted all of you who visit here to know about it.

If you can not afford to pay for an autograph but would like to send a some extra cash to help her out you can send it to:

Jason World Entertainment, Inc.

ATTN: The Moceanu Cause
PO BOX 770445
Memphis, TN     38177
Make all checks payable to our CEO:
Jason Denison - JWEI Cause Fund

Doug is a friend of Dominique's who has had the privilege of taking some beautiful pictures of her and has volunteered to auction them and then give all the proceeds to Moceanu.  This will all go to help her pay for training and other costly bills she may occur.  I know you all want to see her at the Olypmics 2000!   So we are reaching out to anyone that can send $1 or $10 or anything to just send in and we will make sure that it gets to Dominique to help her out.  We are her fans so we need to help out all we can.  JWEI has just recently won an auction on eBay.com and will hopefully help out some more in the near future. 

To help urge you to give a little more and help Dominique out for the rest of January and Febuary we will had your name into a drawing for a 8X10 Autographed (Signed) Picture of Dominique Moceanu with an official COA.  Everytime you contribute your name will be entered into the drawing. If it goes well we may have Second and Third place winners... 

We appreciate you all who have become family here at jasonworld.com    You know we can never re-pay you for you loyal support.  Thousands of you come back weekly and we are just so greatful!!  I know people like Dominique, Liesel, Mariah, Reba, and all the others thank you as well!!  We nor they can exist without you!

Be sure and see the Official Site that Doug has created to help Dominique.   He is an awesome guy and told him that we would like to help Dominique and him as well spread their cause.  The official banner is below and can be added to any page on the internet as along as it contains the official HTML code designed by Doug.  You can click on the banner to see Doug's site or click here HELP MOCEANU

Help Moceanu Banner (Doug's)

<A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~TopDawgGym/dominique.html"><IMG SRC="http://scribers.midwest.net/dougyd/domifundingban2.gif" HEIGHT=100 WIDTH=400 BORDER=0 ALT="Help Dominique pay her training expenses, click here!"></A>

Moceanu Webmasters: Be sure and add your website to The Cause just add your banner to the FREE Moceanu Banner Exchange from jasonworld.com.  Remember: Your banners must be standard size and must be in proper locations for us to view them.  Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!

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