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Hello Everyone,

My name is Shawna, and I am the new webmaster for The Dominique Moceanu Site - presented by jasonworld.com. I am very excited and happy to be here, and will do my best to bring you the lastest news in a timely fashion. I plan to be expanding this site as I get more familiar with jasonworld.

Basically this site was started shortly after the '96 Summer Games in Atlanta when I, like most of you, first discovered to cutest, most determined gymnast my eyes had ever fallen on. Since then her captivating eyes and smile have kept this site and my love for gymnastics alive. Of course I proclaim no love for Dominique because I do not know her, therefore how could I. I do think those who do know her are very lucky because I am sure that you would find a normal, beautiful, human being and spirit. I designed this site to focus on Dominique as a human, as person. I think some sites seem to place her among the angels but I sure hope she is not perfect because then she would not be normal like you and I.

I believe last Nov. ('98) we saw a strong, loving, sad, emotional, broken hearted, determined Dominique. We saw a normal young lady who has much to be proud of and much to accomplish. I think we could all see that fame, money and everything in-between do not make you happy. It's your passion for something in life that you do well that brings you happiness! Nothing else could ever do...

If she never performs gymnastics again and never has a relationship with her family again I will still wonder from time to time how she is and what great goal is she accomplishing in her life. She is not beautiful for the way she looks, or how she performs. Beauty comes from the spirit, the soul. What kind of music makes her happy or sad? What kind of movies does she enjoy? What interest her that she would never tell anyone about? What is important to her and what is not? That is a persons spirit and what makes them unique and radiant. That is what makes a person beautiful!

For those of you who think your in love with someone or believe you have found that special someone, remember friendship is the greatest love of all. When a person knows the bad and the good and you can tell them anything and you continue to be friends, that is true friendship, that is the greatest love of all.

Please enjoy my piece of the world, my tribute to not only a great gymnast, but to a beautiful human being who has become the example to show us that we can and should strive for more than we do.