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Finally some news that is just about her! This weekend Dominique attended the prom with the son of Tom and Lori Forester, who also live in Colorado Springs. He asked her to go, with a yes they were off to enjoy a normal teenage evening. Nothing serious, Tom Forester quoted to a local newspaper, just good friends enjoying being young. Tom and Lori Forester own a gym where Moceanu works out at, it is nearby to the Olympic Training Center.
More News in the Houston Chronicle

Judge Approves year long restraining order against Dominique's Parents yesterday. Neither one can come with in 500 feet of her until Dec 2000 which a judge will review the case again. Dominique accused her parents, mostly her dad, of: following her; abusing her physically and verbally; and of threatening to have couch and friend killed.

Dimitri Moceanu plead the fifth when asked if he did mention the thought of hiring a hit man to kill Dominique's couch and friend. The parents sat in the court room with little expression even when Dominique broke down crying on the stand. She claimed a great fear and intimidation from her father.

She has been living on her own since the November trails and will continue to probably from here on out. She is trying to find out how much her dad spent of her million dollar plus earning from endorsements. Neither of the Moceanu's have worked since the '96 Atlanta Olympics mostly because they have been living off of Dominique's endearment earnings.

We'll keep you posted as we know more.....

(October 28, 1998 1:44pm CST) The Judge accepted it and Dominique got what she wanted although problems still have to be solved. Such as her father's claims that she has had a relationship with a married man.

News broke just this minute: Moceanu and her family met privately with their attorneys and have reached an agreement which will be submitted to a judge for approval tomorrow. All restraining orders have been lifted and final details are being worked out right now at the end of a 4 hour meeting.
More as this story develops! Thanx to Rob for the update! Please re-visit this page for more updates!!

Dominique talked to Dateline NBC last night (Monday 26,1998) about her reasons and why she felt they were valid.

She said her dad and mom have hit her and taken her independence's and freedom. Most teenagers experience this feeling, but we aren't talking about most teenagers. This is someone mature beyond her years and who has made as much as $4 Million which she can't account for because her dad has mis-managed her funds and earnings.

She claimed that she has been the only income for the family since 1996. She is emotionally hurting as she told Dateline that she just wanted to know what was going on and not feel used.

She also said the little girl we saw in '96 is all groan up. 6" taller and 20lbs heavier. Stunning and talented.

She is now sharing a nice apartment with her coach and friend. She showed Dateline NBC the apartment so people might see that she is responsible and mature enough to control and manage her earnings and life.

She still hopes to compete in the 2000 Olympics but on her terms and conditions. With the coach of her choice.

She was schedule to give a deposition Tuesday 27, 1998 before the court and her parents have the right to be there. This will probably be the first time they will meet face to face since Nique left home.

She is strong but everyone needs the Lord and someone there to just say it will be all right and things will work out.

She is not wealthy right now but she is even more stunning, because when you strip away the worldly possessions, you get to see just her and her inner beauty and strength.

This has been reported by Jason Michael D.

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